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Paramount has taken a dynamic approach to the land service sector of the E&P Industry. We believe that accurate and complete communication coupled with easy access to vital information is the key to building and maintaining strategic advantages for our clients. Our implementation of exclusive data management solutions enables us to offer our clients 24/7 access to real-time maps and reports. We are committed to offering professional, innovative, and comprehensive land services that result in timely, accurate information and results you can depend on. 

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Paramount is a cutting edge land company rooted in experience. I have recommend them to coworkers and other friends in the industry.

- Freddie Barela, Oklahoma City, OK

Paramount has assisted me with title research in the Permian, as well as with training a new Alamo hire in the courthouse. Their service is consistent, dependable, and reliable.

- Tyler Woodruff, Alamo Resources

The combination of technology and experience deployed by Paramount lends to their efficiency and takes the worry off of my plate concerning leasing, title and curative. I rest easy knowing the projects I give them will be handled as if I were handling them myself.

- Justin Vakilzadeh, Petrodyne Resources

I have used Paramount across numerous states and oil and gas plays, and have been extremely impressed by the quality of work and professionalism of their Landmen. They constantly deliver the highest quality land work and do so with speed and accuracy. Whether it be purchasing minerals, leasing, title, curative, GIS work, or due diligence projects, Paramount has been exceptional. Overall, I can't speak highly enough about this group and would highly recommend them to any E&P or royalty company.

- Matt Whitaker, Midtown Energy

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